A 3D audio experience designed to help you de-stress.

Each sound has been crafted to make you relax, focus or think differently to help you in any situation, think of it as a ‘cleanse for your mind’. The 3D audio aspect is really important as different forms of this audio, including ASMR, have been found to lower your heart rate, increase relaxation, and even create feelings of social connection.

Whether you’re looking to zone in or zone out, all you need to do is whack your headphones on, and take as little or as much time as you need, just let the 3D audio to all the heavy lifting.

3D audio is the purest, most realistic way of experiencing audio. And we’ve gone out into the wild world to capture some expected and very unexpected sounds, to help you to relax and focus. Other sounds like our Wild Card category, are there to create novelty for your ears, for when your brain needs to think a bit differently…

Take a moment to slip into your Sound Bubble.


Pressed for time or uncertain of where to start, listen to any of our Sound Bubbles in the playlist below.
You can enjoy a smorgasbord of 3D Audio one after the other or find one that you love and put it on repeat.


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